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Twisted Fate...

Hyuuga Neji
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Name: Hyuuga Neji
Age: 16
Character Background:
Hyuuga Neji is the only nephew of the multimillion dollar corperation owner,Hiashi Hyuuga. Neji's father was the second born of the twins and so had no standing in the archaic family,while his brother was exalted as the next inheritor of the family buisness.
As a child, Neji did not understand the division in his family,or why his father was considered below his older brother. When he was six, their obsessive family set a spell on him that would keep track of him and send a nasty shock through his body if he was caught backtalking or raising a hand to a head family member. The seal mark on his forehead where it was implanted is a spot of embarrassment for him so he tends to wear hats and bandannas to hide it while outside,though the former press his ears down painfully. He is a vain creature to an extent and knows how his looks affect the girls,though many are turned off by the strange pigmentless eyes his family posesses. His superiority also stems from the fact that he is considered a genius by his peers and works every day to prove his worth taking a hand in every club in the school while maintaining a good GPA. Neji believes deeply in the theory of Destiny and feels that he is cursed to horrible fate,a thought reenforced by the feeling that there is someone out there that he must meet.
Neji carries resentment for the main family, because when he was younger, a mafia don put a hitman on Hiashi, after the mans son was killed in a kidnap attempt on Neji's cousin Hinata. Neji's father, the mirror image of his uncle volunteered as bait and was killed in Hiashis place before the man was caught. Neji never forgave them. He originally believed that he should serve the clan his father died to protect,though he hated them and resented the way they treated him. When he was 13,however new information came to light in the form of a letter from his long dead father. It told him that death had been the only choice Hizashi could freely make, and that Neji should try to choose his own destiny. Of his family the only person he can now tolerate is his cousin Hinata. He disliked Hinata at first,believing her weak, but now wants to protect her because she is to be the next clan leader and has shown that she has no affection for the despicable traditions their family practice. He realized that under her leadership there will never be another caged bird like him.

Personality: Neji seems something of a cold fish on the outside, a polite smile here, a blank stare there. He projects a superior attitude and and a self assurance backed up by his firm belief in destiny. Although he hates his family,he originally felt that Hyuugas were superior to everyone else. Revelations in the past few years have knocked his self assurance off balance,though his normal persona remains on the outside.

Short Description: ((I.E. Ears+Tail (Y/N))) Neji has long black hair that he prefers to wear in a loose ponytail, his head is crowned by a pair of sleek black ears,topped by white tufts. He retains his ears because he believes that sex,as an activity is beneath him. His pair tattoo,Fateless is located on his upper thigh,just under his left butt-cheek.